Nordstrand 1800W Pro Portable Hand-Held Mixer Review

Nordstrand 1800W Pro Portable Hand-Held Mixer ReviewOver the past year, I have worked in the industry of masonry construction, where I have spent many hours working with concrete by mixing the material in a bulky and large cement mixer. The mixer was very heavy and needed to be rolled to get it from one place to the next on job sites. I was still new to this type of work and I was not aware there were other options available.One day the foreman overheard me talking about my grievances about the mixer where he made a suggestion that I invest in one of the latest hand mixers opposed to using the heavy duty and old equipment. When I heard that there were other options, I immediately started to conduct my own online research. If you are struggling with one of the outdated heavy-duty mixers, you should definitely think about investing in an upgrade in association to the latest handheld alternatives. These are ideal for the mid-viscosity liquids such as plaster, cement, mortar, and glue.The size does, however, limit these products to the small onto mid-sized batches, which is usually the only standout drawback. [ READ FULL POST ]